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Suppliers and Producers

Cave Amann SA was founded 1995 in order to satisfy the needs and demands of the Swiss wine industry. We are an import, distribution, marketing and service providing company which serves exclusively wine retailers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. Our customers sell their products to restaurants, private customers and corporate clients through different channels. These include specialized wine shops, web shops, internal and external activities like wine tastings, trade fairs, wine & dine, seminars and mixed events. We offer a 24 hours delivery service all over Switzerland. We are currently working with more than 600 wine dealers all over Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The main focus of our activities is to support our customers and to make them more successful. We try to help our customers to grow theirs sales, to gain a bigger market share, to optimize their range of products, to reduce their tied-up capital and to increase their liquidity and flexibility.

For these reasons we work with a system of recommended minimum prices and we decided to renounce direct selling to private customers and restaurants. Neither we distribute in supermarkets nor discounters. We are convinced that partners cannot be supplier and competitor at the same time.
After more than 20 years we are proud to count ourselves to the market leaders in Switzerland. For us creativity, long-term visions, innovation, flexibility, entrepreneurship, loyalty and a lot of heart blood are not only words but lived values. We understand our customers as partners. In a country like Switzerland with its unique economic and political environment, we are persuaded that only together, with a deliberated strategy, we can be successful. Cave Amann SA understands itself as a competence centre of the wine business and strives to be the best partner for the independent wine retailers in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

We strongly believe in the future of the Swiss wine trade. In 2014 Cave Amann SA decided to invest and acquired building ground in Bischofszell. Together with a lot of suppliers and customers we could celebrate the inauguration of our new headquarters and warehouses in 2016. With this investment, we set up a foundation-stone for the future growth and created the base to be prepared to master the demanding and quickly varying needs and demands of the wine market.

We are always looking for new and strong partners for our wine businesses. As entrepreneurs we are open to evaluate and examine business ideas in all sectors of wine industry. In our wine group we are running several wineries in Switzerland. We have different joint ventures in Italy and Spain as well. We want to build up brands in a quality way and for a long lasting partnership. Therefore exclusivity for Switzerland and Liechtenstein is a necessity and obligation to work with us. If you would like to evaluate a possible new cooperation and if you think, your strategy and values fit with ours, please send us more information about your project or your winery and wines including your export prices (ex-work) as well as your prices for private customers.

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